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helux Libraries

helux Core

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helux Core is at the heart of all of our helux products. By providing C++ library implementations for the VITA49, VICTORY, and MORA specifications, helux Core allows hardware vendors to create MORA and VICTORY components without focusing on the low-level details of those documents. From SOAP and MDM serialization/deserialization, all the way to high-level base classes and function callbacks, helux Core has you covered.

helux Client Core

helux Client Core enables users of MORA and VICTORY components to quickly and easily command and control these components across both the VDB and ML2B. Whether you're creating GUIs, basic scripts, or advanced dynamic front end taskers, you'll find helux Client Core invaluable. By leveraging the serialization/deserialization capabilities provided by helux Core and providing simple-to-use interfaces, helux Client Core allows you to dive into the MORA space out of the gate.

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