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Who We Are

Sciens Innovations is a hardware and software design and development company that provides government and commercial contracting services to the Intelligence Community. We help customers tackle complex SIGINT problems by providing customized, robust solutions that are designed to adapt to evolving customer needs. When not working on contract, the team at Sciens prioritizes internal development projects and continuing education, allowing us to remain at the forefront of the industry and to address new customer needs quickly and effectively.

Our Services

Software Design

Years of experience designing dynamic and efficient software architectures and high-performance applications

Hardware Design

Industry expertise in FPGA design, development, and integration using the latest platforms and tools

Integrated Solutions

Deliver fully integrated hardware/software systems to tackle complex problems

Rapid Prototypes

We provide the expertise to quickly provide proof-of-concept prototypes using development boards and single-board computers.

Software Defined Radio

Industry experts in high-throughput SDR solutions utilizing specs and frameworks such as MORA, VITA 49.2, REDHAWK, and GNURadio


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